Daily Log 55 - World of warcraft fan art

Esta está num formato estranho, acabei por fazer asneira na composição. Aproveitei o esboço da minha antiga personagem no Warcraft (e que já tinha postado aqui anteriormente) e pintei-o . Não será dos meus melhores trabalhos mas eu gosto do detalhe nas roupas.

This one i messed up on the composition a lot . Well i messed up on everything else too but the compo sucks the most of all the mess ups .Not my best work at all but i like the detail in her clothes . Anyways, it´s based on my World of Warcraft character sketch ( wich i posted here before) and since i quit the game not so long ago i got to miss it a bit and the fun times i had playing it.

2 comentários:

Anonymous said...

actually, I like the composition. I am a sucker for a horizon-line and snow though. xD
To be honest, I miss my wow character too. I´ll have to make an illustration of him... :P


Ana said...

I think she´s too far of to the left.And i´m a sucker for snowy landscapes too ^^