Daily Log 49 - Dwarf art !

Esta foi feita novamente para o site Art Order, para o D&D Pin up challenge. Foi uma das escolhidas para figurar na página frontal do blog . Ureshi!

This robust lady was done for the D&D pin up challenge at the Art Order site. It made the 20 picks out of all the entries and was featured on the blog´s front page amongst other fine fellow artists. It made me happy :)

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Anonymous said...

oiwei! Nice ladies you got up here lately! :D


Anonymous said...

Dunno if you want crits, but I think this needs it cause it is so close to being totally amazing. I know crits can be rough to handle (I hate em, but ultimately I am thankful..)

Awesome skin and really good pose/attitude. (I would say one of the best female dwarfs I saw) So much attitude!!
You are really having a great progress in painting!! The skin shading is reallyreally good!

What you could work more on. Boots are the hardest to do in my opinion (I struggle the most with..) And these would be better if you worked out the perspective and design a bit more.

The forearm on the hip lacks a shadow on the inside to define the volume a bit more. Maybe same with the other hand since it seems a lil bit flat.

About color.
I assume this is outside. Outside you have two light sources, the sun and the atmosphere that bounces blue/cold light softly across everything on the image. So thats why you get blue/cold shadows.
I mean, it´s maybe not something you want to concern yourself about with this blog, but it bares to be mentioned for coloring when you paint, as I can see on your stuff that it seems you dont play too much with cold and warm colors for shadows and highlights. Just some thing you could and should test out and play with :D

Ok, I know this got a bit long and involved, and I dont really know how well you handle critique (I am kind of bad at handling it...) But I know that you are serious about this and as such I feel like these are things that can be fixed or taken into account for when you want to improve your art and illustration. Especially since I see the rate of you´r improvement and truly fantastic black and white illustrations.

Also, feel free to critique(get back at me... :P) my
stuff here. I am gonna add a batch of recent stuff today. http://ailusketches.blogspot.com/

Best wishes,


Ana said...

Hi Raan!

This is exactly the type of critic i´m looking for. It´s these kind of finishing details and especialy the part about playing with warm and cold colors and tones that i need to work out. those details make the painting seem more real and not weird looking or off ( although it looks well drawn at first sight).Thanks for the critic, i do apreciate it and will take it into account everytime i make a new painting :)

Ailu said...

Oh, I was a lil bit afraid I went overboard with that :) Happy that you dont feel that way! :D

Forgot to mention, love the mace!! ;D used it alot at lvl 60 I remember ehheheh


Peccatum said...

Muito bem Aninhas!!

Foi feito apenas em photoshop?

Bem vejo que evoluíste bastante! :)

Ana said...

Sim é todo photoshop hihihi.
Obrigada rui, andas desaparecido, quando é que vems visitar a malta ?!