Daily Log 08 - It´s monday tralala

O blog fecha pra descanso no fim de semana, mas hoje segunda feira é dia de voltar ao trabalho, por isso aqui vai mais um sketch. Este era para ser mais rápido mas ás tantas entusiasmei-me e acabei por levar mais tempo do que eu estava a espera.

A new week and some more sketching to do! This one was to be quicker then it turned up to be, but i like the results, also i was listening to music and musing some stuff at the time that i just kept going on auto pilot :D

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Anonymous said...


Is Ailu here :)

Nice pose, and lines! Like it alot.

I stopped playing wow (again..) I guess the third time stopping aint such a big deal, but eyh whtacha gonna do.. Working on my final short atm.

/wave and /hug

Ana said...

Hi Raan, long time no see! You doing ok?Still got my mail? send me some news and pics of your latest stuff , im curious what you´ve been up to with your animation studies :)