Daily Log 04 - the one armed prince

Um personagem que acabou por não servir para um projecto (lento) em que estou a trabalhar com colegas do estudio. A versão final será um bocado menos enfeminada :D

A one armed character that i was working on for a project with some studio mates, but this one didnt make the cut.He´s too flowery :D

4 comentários:

Troest said...

Too flowery? He looks like me, I think. But with one arm. And sword. And mail ;)


Ana said...

Ahahha, how did you find your way here, depe?!

Ah prolly from facebook, :D

Troest said...

Yup - good old FB. Nothing is a secret anymore, but impressive work, Ana.

Ana said...

Thanks *blush*